Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And it flew by....

Thanksgiving snuck up on me. In fact, so did December. This is the first Thanksgiving that i haven't been working in... well, I can't exactly remember. So I really have no excuse for being so surprised that it will be here tomorrow. If you are starting to stress for me, no fear, I will be spending the holiday at my in law's with many Aunt's, Uncle's and cousins. They always travel with food, luckily it's good.
Off the subject, I spent the weekend in East Lansing, home of Michigan State, my Alma Mater. My dear friend and I watched the State game ( barely pulled it off, but hey, they did!)ate lots of incredible food and enjoyed each other's company. When you live four hours apart, you have to enjoy every moment. We were college roommates, and I am the proud godmother to her youngest son.
Back to the incredible food... The restaurant we took my 11 year old son to was a place that has been there for years.Beggar's Banquet on Abbott. However, I never went there when I lived in East Lansing. How could this be? I remember the reputation bestowed upon them as a place to drink wine. I love wine now, not so much then, maybe that is why. This past Friday was my first time at Beggar's for dinner, and I was surprised to see they had chicken salad that was featured in Bon Appetit. Okay, you have my attention. The sandwich consisted of roasted chicken breast blended with walnuts, dried cherries, scallions, celery, and mayo. I immediately thought how perfect this would be for leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving.
Substitute turkey for chicken, cranberries for the dried cherries. Celery left over, check and if not scallions then whatever other onion type item you have on hand.
Now the day after Thanksgiving meal is planned as well. Hope this helps considering I have blown past Thanksgiving and already landed at the day after!


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