Wellness Tips

Hello Everyone,
I am excited to announce a new addition to Shallot Jane! Drum roll... Here comes the 'Wellness Page'. Here I will give suggestions to incorporate into everyday schedules for a healthy lifestyle.

This page is not intended to replace medical advice. Always talk with your physician before starting any program or integrating any suggestion.

Further questions? Contact me, I would love to talk! anntuckey(at)yahoo(dot)com

Tip Number 1: When starting a plan to lose weight, keep the weight loss to 1 to 2 pounds a week. This helps to maintain lean body mass, which is what keeps your metabolism revved up. Also, toxins are stored in the fat of our bodies, so when fat is lost and toxins are released, are bodies need to flush those out. Too much weight loss could be toxin overload. If you are losing more than 1 or 2 pounds, up your caloric intake to the next 100 calorie plan. So if you are at 1500 calories per day plan, go to 1600 kcal/day.
Tip Number 2: Calories in should not be more than calories out( exercise to eating ratio). Maximize your results from your workout and don't over eat by thinking, " I worked out today." When you come across a general reference of calories burned in certain exercises, know this is based on a 150 pound man. So depending on how much you weigh, this varies. If you weigh less, you burn less; If you weigh more, you burn more. Don't let this discourage you. Use it as empowering information so your efforts are optimized!


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    Thanks for your input! I appreciate your sharing!

  3. Thanks for the awareness, this is very helpful to all your readers. Would be very glad to check it out. Hope to hear more from you.