Sunday, October 3, 2010

Child's Play

I love that my children enjoy cooking as much as I do. My 11 year old son has earned certain kitchen privilidges through my supervision over many years. So, when he made this tasty concoction himself as a family treat, I was so very proud.

Sam used chocolate bars we keep in the refrigerator. He cut them up to melt in the microwave, not using a sharp knife of course!

Sam knows to go slow using the microwave for melting/heating projects. We always go in 20 second intervals. That way you remain in control of the process.
Sam used pretels and bananas. He dipped the end of the pretels in the melted chocolate, which makes for easy pick up on the other end. He then sliced several banans, and used a fork to coat the opposite side of the banana with chocolate.
This is such a wonderful way to say you love your family. And a healthy one too. Use dark chocolate for the highest antioxidant advantage. Also stick with healthy items for dipping, such as fruit or pretels.

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